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Florida Keys Luxury Short Sales


A Luxury Florida Keys Short Sale is a great investment for the buyer and a viable option for a Seller.

Selling a Luxury Florida Keys Short SaleFlorida Keys Short Sales

Florida Keys homeowners that owe more on their property than the current value may want to consult with their attorney and CPA and then consider a Florida Keys Short Sales. Perhaps you purchased your Florida Keys Luxury property in 2006 and borrowed $2,000,000 and now the value of the property has dropped to $1,200,000. Coco Plum Real Estate would be able to assist you in selling that property for $1,200,000 and assisting you with the process of having your lender or lenders accept the $1,200,000 as payment and release their liens so you can transfer the title and sell the property.

Florida Keys Short Sales:

Your lenders will look at your total financial situation and take into account any “hardships” you may have suffered such as illness, job loss and reduced rental income. In some cases Coco Plum Real Estate has seen lenders waive all deficiencies and the property owners have walked away without significant impact. In other instances, where the property owner has assets and income, the lenders may request the borrower make a contribution. For example, you may have a second mortgage for $500,000 that will not be getting any pay out from the short sale, in order for that lender to release their lien they may request the borrower to pay them a set amount of money. The amount they request will be based on that banks guidelines along with the borrowers ability to make that contribution. As with everything else in life this too is negotiable and Coco Plum Real Estate will assist you in this process.

Coco Plum Real Estate has good working relationships with experience Short Sale negotiating attorneys and with most major lenders such as: Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase, Suntrust, Iberia Bank, Capital Bank, Ally Bank, PHH and BB&T. And is available to discuss selling your Florida Keys Short Sales.

Need to Sell a  Florida Keys Short Sales?

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