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Big Pine Key

Famous for the Key Deer


Relocating to Big Pine Key offers the chance to wake up each morning to see the sunrise over the beach from one side of your property, then go to bed after watching it set on the other. With just over 5,000 residents, Big Pine Key offers seclusion and a warm sense of community to those who choose to move to the Lower Keys. With the wide range of options for Big Pine Key, Florida Keys luxury real estate, you are certain to find something that not only meets your needs for the island lifestyle, but also your personal needs for comfort and style.

Enjoy the Island Life in Virtual Seclusion

Living in the Florida Keys means learning to live with tourists, but in Big Pine Key, the tourist crowds are much smaller simply because of the remoteness of the destination. Some will still venture this far out, which means investment properties are still quite profitable, but the crowds are smaller than on the islands near the mainland. This makes it an ideal place to live to experience the resort island lifestyle all year long.

Even with the remoteness of the community, those who purchase Big Pine Key, Florida Keys luxury real estate will find plenty to enjoy on the island. Big Pine Key is actual the main shopping hub of the Lower Keys, so residents find everything they need, from grocery stores to department stores, in this town.

Big Pine Key does not have its own golf course, airport or yacht clubs, but it is less than 20 miles from Marathon and less than 30 miles form Key West, both of which offer these amenities. By purchasing property in Big Pine Key, you can relax and enjoy the laid back lifestyle of the Lower Keys, while still finding plenty of luxury services in the surrounding communities. What draws most to this region, however, is not its amenities, but rather its unspoiled wilderness areas. Many unique forms of wildlife, including the rare Key Deer, call this area home, and plenty of undeveloped forests and pine lands still stand.

Properties to Meet All Needs on Big Pine Key

It does not matter what type of property you are in the market for, Big Pine Key likely has it. Oceanfront Big Pine Keys homes are quite common, with luxury estates sitting directly on the beach being popular with many buyers. Some properties offer more than one home on the same plot of land, so you can not only enjoy a lifetime of vacations, but also have a home to rent out to vacationers and earn some income from your investment. Full rental properties are also available for savvy investors. Most of these pieces of Big Pine Key, Florida Keys luxury real estate have amenities like private pools on site and boat docks for private ocean access.

No matter what type of property you in the market for on Big Pine Key, we can help you find it. Let us serve as your guides to the region and the properties available. Start by browsing our current selection of properties to see what might be a good fit for your needs.

Bahia Honda state park and recreation area is located at mile marker 37 just a few miles toward Big Pine  Key. Bahia Honda State Park flows abundantly with an array of different
wildlife’s and plenty of white sand for the beaches. There is also a camp ground  here at Bahia Honda State Park. Also, Bahia Honda State Park frequently makes  the list of most beautiful beaches in America.
Explore the National Key Deer Refuge, where
Key Deer live. A large area of mostly undeveloped pine lands, Native Trees,
Native Flowers, Beautiful and subtle Foliage. Or venture out to No Name Key. A
key that is a part of Big Pine, but a residential, quaint little suburb of Big
Pine Key all in its own.

Travel the No Name Key Bridge

This scenic bridge links No Name Key to Big Pine Key. It is a popular spot to
take kids fishing. The evening sightseeing is also excellent for birds and Key

If you’re looking for an off-shore adventure, or amazing things to see that
you wouldn’t typically be able to see, Big Pine is also the starting point for many
snorkeling, fishing, diving, and dive charter adventurers to Looe Key reef.


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Walking trails through the National Key Deer Refuge. The Manillo trail is
designed to be handicapped acessible.

Strike Zone Charters -Out Island Excursions

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Big Pine Bicycle Center

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Sky Dive Key West

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Sugarloaf Airport, MM17 US Highway 1

Sugarloaf Key ,  FL  33042

Skydiving over Key West is like nothing you have ever experienced! You do not
get that roller coaster feeling of dropping; it is more like floating on air.
Key West Skydiving will introduce you to the thrill of flight with the ease of
a tandem skydive.


MM 29.5, Big Pine Avenue, Big Pine Key, FL 33043

A world-renown Marine Science educational program known as ‘Seacamp‘. “For all the sea has to teach us and for all the
fun in learning it” 24 Courses – SCUBA , Diving, Snorkeling, Sailing,
Windsurfing, Kayaking, Arts & Crafts.

Watson Field and South Street Playground

Key Deer Boulevard and South St.

You’ll find a baseball diamond here and behind that a small, playground, a
volleyball court and the Susann Thisler Tennis Courts.

Blue Hole

Fresh Water Pond in Big Pine that is home to
numerous wildlifes. There are alligators, turtles and array of fish that can be
seen at any point in the day. There is a wooden observation dock that is the
safest and easiest way to explore the blue hole.

Veterans Memorial Park and beach.

The flat lands of the Florida Keys habitat this
beach. Shallow waters, wildlife and plenty of sand makes this beach a pleasure
to spend the day out. Have a very well, needed and earned BEACH DAY!!!